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Lard Ledbetter, CW and Brad "Tadow" Davis try to keep Coach Dollar awake

Michael reading Green Eggs and Ham to 4th graders at Tallassee Elementary

Tallassee's ASA 12U state champions from 2011

P.J. the Pug Dog - Live and in Yo' Face

199' tower at sunrise, located behind the WTLS studios on the banks of the Tallapoosa in the industrial park

The new WTLS FM tower stands at 430 feet in West Tallassee

The erection of the new FM tower in 2011

High above Tallassee

The top section of the tower with beacon attached

Michael Butler accepting the 2007 Station of the Year Award

Georgia Anne and Jack Butler

Steve Stokes at SEC Media Days 2010

The SEC Network's Matt Stinchcomb talks with Michael Butler and Gary Buchanan at SEC Media Days.

Graham Dunn shows his better side with Michael, Gary and the Oz.

Auburn's Lee Ziemba on the Wake-Up Call